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What Does an Audiologist Do?

Audiologist offering hearing health services in Fort Wayne, Indiana
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What Is an Audiologist & What Do They Do?

Learn What Audiologists Do for Patients in Fort Wayne, IN

Whether you’re experiencing sudden hearing loss, need to schedule a hearing test, or have another ear-related health issue, you might wonder what type of healthcare provider you should contact. While some ear problems should be seen by an ENT (ear, nose, and throat doctor), there are many things an audiologist can do to address specific issues and improve a patient’s hearing and overall quality of life. Knowing the ins and outs of an audiologist’s expertise can help you decide which hearing care professional suits your medical condition.   

Below, the experts at Lowe Audiology discuss what an audiologist is, what they do, and what type of symptoms call for being seen by one. Our clinical teams offer all the professional hearing care services you need under one roof, from custom hearing protection to tinnitus treatment for patients throughout Fort Wayne, IN and the surrounding areas. Contact Lowe Audiology today to learn more about our expertise in comprehensive hearing healthcare.  

What Does an Audiologist Do? 

Audiologists are hearing healthcare professionals specializing in accurately diagnosing and treating auditory and vestibular issues. They stay current on the technology used to manage the symptoms of various types of hearing loss, tinnitus, and other conditions. They can work in various settings, from hospitals and schools to smaller, private practices. They’re responsible for several tasks, from prescribing patients to custom hearing aids to conducting comprehensive hearing exams. Audiologists can also:

  • Help patients cope with hearing loss and tinnitus symptoms 
  • Show patients how to put on their hearing aids and care for them properly   
  • Provide counseling services to help patients and their loved ones deal with the emotional aspects of hearing loss
  • Diligently work to find the cause of a patient’s hearing loss 
  • Determine what type of hearing loss a patient has  
  • Provide patients with custom hearing protection solutions 
  • Safely remove ear wax and other obstructions 
  • And more! 

Hearing Tests & Comprehensive Evaluations 

Audiologists and hearing experts conduct comprehensive hearing evaluations to accurately diagnose a patient’s hearing loss. They also try to pinpoint the cause of hearing loss. Some popular testing options used today include: 

  • Audiograms 
  • Sound field tests 
  • Air conduction tests
  • Bone conduction tests


Your audiologist will examine your outer, middle, and inner ear with an otoscope to see if there are any blockages or other issues within the canal. They can also check for drainage problems, identify ear wax, and check to ensure your eardrum is unharmed. 


Using pressure and sound to ensure the middle ear and eardrum are responding appropriately, audiologists use the results of this type of test to accurately diagnose hearing loss, tinnitus, ear wax buildup, and other vestibular issues. 

Ear Wax Removal 

Ears produce wax naturally, but sometimes it can develop too quickly within your ear and obstruct the canal. It’s best to let an audiologist or other hearing care provider clear the blockage rather than sticking cotton swabs in your ear canal. Audiologists have the tools to safely and effectively remove ear wax buildup, improving hearing and reducing the risk of an ear infection.  

Tinnitus Testing & Treatment 

You might have tinnitus if your ears constantly ring and buzz or you hear a whooshing sound. Tinnitus occurs most often in patients with hearing loss. Audiologists can perform the proper testing to diagnose your tinnitus and develop a suitable treatment plan. 

Vestibular Problems 

Your vestibular system provides you with a sense of balance and awareness of your body position. Audiologists specialize in treating vestibular problems, such as imbalance and dizziness. Patients experiencing challenges with balance or feeling dizzy should visit their primary care provider first to check for other medical conditions. 

Hearing Aid Treatment 

Prescribing patients with hearing aids that meet their specific hearing loss and lifestyle needs is a large part of an audiologist’s job. They conduct comprehensive hearing evaluations to determine a patient’s type and degree of hearing loss. In addition, they work diligently to find the cause of their hearing loss in the first place. 

Audiologist vs. ENT

ENT doctors treat patients with ear, nose, and throat issues. They also focus on diseases, tumors, traumas, and abnormalities within these areas of your upper body. Regarding the management and treatment of hearing loss, ENT doctors have a different level of expertise than audiologists. 

When Should You See an Audiologist?

If your audiologist believes you have an underlying issue causing your hearing loss, they might refer you to an ENT. ENT doctors also treat hearing loss caused by ear infections, abnormalities around the ear, and other similar medical conditions. Some common reasons you might schedule an appointment with an audiologist include:

  • You have signs of hearing loss 
  • You have symptoms of tinnitus 
  • Your ears feel clogged or full of wax 
  • You’re experiencing sudden onset hearing loss
  • It’s time to schedule a comprehensive hearing test 
  • Your hearing aids need to be updated, or you’re interested in another style  
  • You need to be fit for custom hearing protection  
  • You want to learn more about preventing permanent hearing loss

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Audiologists cover a wide range of hearing healthcare needs. They specialize in diagnosing and treating hearing loss and numerous other auditory conditions. In addition, they’re an excellent resource for learning about protecting your hearing today to ensure better hearing tomorrow. With all the professional services you need under one roof, our clinical teams are here to help improve your hearing health with treatment plans tailored to your specific diagnoses and lifestyle needs.  

We have years of experience serving patients throughout Fort Wayne, IN and the surrounding areas. Contact Lowe Audiology today to learn more about what our hearing experts specialize in, or schedule an appointment online for a one-on-one consultation with a trusted hearing care provider.

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